Class + Studio: DOGPOUND

Location: NYC (Tribeca), LA (WeHo)

Length: 60 mins.

Description: Personal training based gym, so each session is catered to your specific needs. They offer both one-on-one sessions and semi privates (up to 3 people, which is cheaper per person). They have a boxing ring, various machines (bike, ski erg, leg press, etc.). You’ll generally start with a warm up (body weight exercises), followed by cardio, sculpting and strength training.

Sweat Level: 9/10 – Room is kept cool but be prepared to wash your hair after this one!

Tone Level: 9/10 – Lots of precision & attention to detail here … prepare to work your booty off!

Cult Level: 9/10 – CULT CITY (& very sceney). There are tons of regulars, but it’s one on one so you won’t feel like an outcast. Exclusivity is definitely in the air here.

Sneakers/Props: Wear supportive sneakers.

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers/change rooms/products, just digi lockers & bathrooms.

Vibe: You’ll quickly notice a very exclusive, high-end clientele here – it’s not uncommon to see an A-list celeb or model (pretty much a guarantee, really). However, the trainers are all super down to earth, personable and welcoming.

Similar to: S10 Training, The Liv Method, Performix House
Extras: Pricing is $$$$. Average of $200 a session ($175 in LA) and gets cheaper with packages. Semi-Privates are $125/person.

Go Back? Yes – we really love it here! It’s a once in a while type workout for us.

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