F.I.T. @ Physique 57

Class + Studio: F.I.T. @ Physique 57

Location: NYC (Midtown, SoHo, FiDi, UWS), Connecticut (Westport)

Other Cities: Dubai, Bangkok, Manila, Mumbai

Length: 60 mins

Description: Stands for “Focused Interval Training” – this class mostly works the arms, glutes and abs. You’ll find very little thigh moves in this class (unlike a lot of their others)! It’s not necessarily harder or easier than their ‘Signature’ class, it just burns out different areas.

Sweat Level: 4/10 – Not a hair washing class.

Tone Level: 9/10 – Super toning. You’ll be sore the next day undoubtedly, and in all the right places.

Cult Level: 7/10 – There are two types of people at Physique – those that are loyal AF (unlimited people, that use those grippy shoes!) and ClassPassers.

Sneakers/Props: Grip socks (must cover the toe) and water!

Shower/Locker Situation: Showers & lockers – a good place to get ready before work.

Vibe: Very welcoming, all the teachers will remember your name right off the bat, which we LOVE. The friendliness of clientele has extremes (depending on time and location). Beverly Hills (LA) has very chatty + outgoing clientele … they love to hang!

Similar to: Just a more specific ‘Signature’ in our opinion.

Extras: On ClassPass. Worth a try for sure if you love Physique but want less thigh focus.

Go Back? Yes – one of our fav Physique classes! Wish they offered it more often.

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