FlexIR @ Flex Studios

Class + Studio: FlexIR @ Flex Studios

Location: NYC (Union Square), Long Island (Woodbury)

Length: 55 mins

Description: A classic mat pilates, done in a room with heated infrared lights. The class uses props like light weights, a pilates ring and bands to sculpt and tone the body.

Sweat level: 9/10 – You will start sweating the second you walk in here! It’s a very hot room.

Tone level: 8/10 – Very toning and sculpting, great ab workout!

Cult level: 5/10 – Felt the cultiness less in this class than their other classes! Lots of newbies, good for beginners in pilates too/or don’t want to do reformer.

Sneakers/props: Barefoots! Skidless towel ($3 to rent)

Shower/locker situation: 1 shower – it’s hidden (took us a while to discover it, not advertised). Refresh station (A+ products) + blow dryers available. Digi locks.

Vibe: Vibe is different than their other classes. Even though it’s just as challenging, a little less “serious” than the reformer pilates.

Similar to: Hot Pilates (LA)

Extras: On ClassPass and less credits than many of their other classes! If you have any health conditions or are pregnant, do some research/ask doc first.

Go back? Yes! Love it for a good sweat + tone.

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