Dynamic Hum @ Humming Puppy

Class + Studio: Dynamic Hum @ Humming Puppy

Location: NYC (Chelsea)

Other Cities: Melbourne & Sydney

Length: 60 mins.

Description: Vinyasa flow at an intermediate to advanced level. Starts off with a bit of meditation, then the pace quickens as you’re lead through various flows (they encourage you to try test the waters with more advanced poses, but are also totally cool with modifications when needed). The class ends with stretching and a savasana.

Sweat Level: 6/10 – The room is heated at 80 degrees, so while this isn’t a hot yoga class, iit’s quite warm! Will likely require a hair wash.

Tone Level: 7/10 – A pleasant surprise! We were absolutely challenged and felt sore the next day, specifically our arms.

Cult Level: 5/10 – This is a little hard to say …. While we’re sure there are many regulars, we pick up on much of a cult vibe. People really keep to themselves here, as it’s such a personal/independant workout.

Sneakers/Props: Just yourself! The best part is mats + towels are complementary and everything is set up for you. 

Shower/Locker Situation: 3 showers and lots of digi locks. Locker room is stocked with products and hair tools.

Vibe: This studio is ALL about the vibes. It’s incredibly zen and pretty … Oasis-like! Everything from the complimentary tea & fresh coconut water in ceramic cups to the way the studio is set up. It’s one of the nicest yoga studios we’ve been to in NYC. The music is very mellow, the lights are low and it’s quite meditative and earthy. The studio itself is set up so each row is on a different level with everyone facing the center of the room … A bit different than we were used to, but we’re into it!

Similar to: Laughing Lotus, YogaVida

Extras: On ClassPass and a #10andUnder. You can reserve a specific spot online (love that) and if you book on CP, your spot will be reserved for you. If there’s extra space in the class, you can ask to switch if you prefer to be elsewhere. The studio is very spacious and you’ll have a lot of space between you and your neighbor.

Go Back? YES, yes, yes. Can’t wait to come back!

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