Jetsweat Fitness Platform

Class + Studio: Jetsweat Fitness Platform

Location: On-demand studio.

Other Cities: N/A

Length: 5 – 60 mins.

Description: Jetsweat is an online platform + app that acts as an on-demand studio for tons of popular studios worldwide (ie. ModelFit, Fhitting Room, Bodyrok, Playlist YOGA, and tons more!) They have hundreds of classes and you can sort by workout type, studio + more. Each studio offers several different types of workouts and formats on the Jetsweat led by their instructors and filmed in their actual studio location.

Sweat Level: N/A – Very workout dependent, there are classes ranging from no sweat to HIGH sweat.

Tone Level: N/A – Depends on the workout, each has a burn scale, as well as total calories to give you an idea of the intensity. 

Cult Level: 0/10 – Just you and your workout! Suitable for newcomers and all levels.

Sneakers/Props: Each workout has different requirements for props, however there are tons of equipment-free workouts and you can modify for most.

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A

Vibe: Very instructional and to the point. They don’t offer music, but you can play your own!

Extras: Free month with code ‘SWEATSANDTHECITY’!

Go Back? Yes! We are big fans and love exploring their studio offerings and love the variety.

Category: All

Location: Online

Sweat Level: Medium

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