Melissa Wood Health

Class + Studio: Melissa Wood Health

Location: Online streaming

Length: 7 – 50 mins.

Description: These workouts usually begin and end with a short meditation and are comprised of mat pilates and flow-style/yoga exercises. While there’s a wide variety of workouts to choose from on the platform, they are generally focused on toning hard to reach muscles, with very small but powerful movements, lots of stretching and lengthening.

Sweat Level: 3/10 – Low sweat level, generally not a hair washing workout.

Tone Level: 8/10 – Actively think about & engage your muscles throughout (particularly your core!) to get the best level of tone during MWH. Even her shortest workouts can leave you sore the next day!

Cult Level: 8/10 – Although the workouts are all online, people are extremely loyal to Melissa’s and she has a very strong community. That said, she is truly one of the most welcoming, warm people and holds space for everyone.

Sneakers/Props: Many of her workouts require no equipment at all, but some suggest light weights/ankle weights (we love using our Balas), a band or a ball.

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A
Vibe: One of the most calming vibes that encourages a deep mind-body connection. You will finish feeling grounded and connected to your body.

Similar to: ‘B The Method’ by Lia Bartha, Body by SJ

Extras: 7 day free trial!

Go Back? Absolutely – we love to mix her workouts into our routine.

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