Pilates Advanced Machine Class @ Nofar Method

Class + Studio: Pilates Advanced Machine Class @ Nofar Method (within Pilates Habitat)

Location: Gramercy (NYC)

Length: 55 mins.

Description: 50/50 Pilates reformer + cadillac, classical advanced class. Class is burnout style, using a mixture of props & different exercises with pulsing & muscle isolation. More of an athletic approach to pilates.

Sweat Level: 4/10 – There will be moments where you’ll heat up, but for the most part, this one is not too sweaty.  

Tone Level: 9/10 – Very much a toner. We recommend this class for an experienced level. Expect to feel this one for several days after!

Cult Level: 8/10 – Cult level is HIGH. A lot of people exclusively see Nofar – and she knows almost all of her clients well. Lots of inside jokes, etc. & we love it.

Sneakers/Props: Barefoot or grip socks.

Shower/Locker Situation: None.

Vibe: No frills vibe, but Nofar makes class fun with her zest for life and great attitude. She’s so freaking funny and makes you feel good about yourself while encouraging you to work hard (no slipping through the cracks here!).

Similar to: ‘Intense Pilates’ at BK Pilates (with Angeline only).

Extras: On ClassPass but it’s hard to get into her class specifically (book exactly a week before) , especially because there is a limited total spots. She newly has instructors teaching her method and she is expected to be opening her own studio in the next few months.

Go Back? Yes! We absolutely love it.

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