Barre 30 Arms & Abs @ Fithouse

Class + Studio: Barre 30 Arms & Abs @ FitHouse

Location: NYC (Union Square, Tribeca)

Length: 30 mins.

Description: An express barre class focusing on the upper body. This is a conditioning and sculpting workout where you’ll use two sets of weights, gliders, a band & a ball.

Sweat Level: 4/10 – Sweatier than we expected, you’ll heat up in a short period of time because everything moves so quickly. But no need to wash your hair after.

Tone Level: 7.5/10 – You’d be surprised how effective this quick workout is. We were quite sore the next day, but it was doable.

Cult Level: 2/10 – No culty vibes in this class.

Sneakers/Props: Barefoot.

Shower/Locker Situation: Digi locks, showers, products and hair dryers at both locations. We almost always shower after class & get ready for the day here – it’s enjoyable.

Vibe: Fun vibe! Easy going and straight to the point.

Similar to: ‘Arms & Abs’ at Flybarre, ‘Arms & Abs in 3’ at Physique 57

Extras: Available on CP – usually 9 credits and they offer a 12:30pm class – great for a lunch crunch. We love taking class with Cailyn.

Go Back? Yes – it’s awesome for when you’re short on time & still want a toner.

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