A Sneak Peek Into Our Gym Bags

Class Prep: something we like to think we know a thing or two about here at SATC. Having a gym bag packed and ready to go with all of our must-have items is a game changer for several reasons. In our bags, you’ll find everything you need: from the moment you leave the house to your post-workout shower. As New Yorkers, we don’t have the luxury of tossing a heavy duty bag in the car – we often have a long walk or subway ride ahead of us, so it’s really important to pack efficiently. We wanted to share our top bag-stashing essentials for those of you in the same boat … here’s what you’ll always find in our gym bags:

First … the bag itself.

Let’s start with the main event … THE BAG. We love a gym bag that’s not only aesthetically pleasing (gotta keep it cute), but also functional. We want to feel good about carrying it, and at the same time make sure it’s comfortable, practical (hello compartments) and not too fussy. We LOVE our Andi Brand bag for these reasons. It comes in a bunch of chic colors and patterns, is quite compact & keeps all our things neatly organized. We particularly love this style, but there are so many to choose from! Use SWEATS for 15% off until the end of October. 


Aka Airpods… Because forgetting ’em is truly what nightmares are made of. When you’re on your way to school, a workout or anywhere for that matter, it’s nice to have some pump up music or a podcast en route. Looking for the right beats? Check out our Current Picks and WERKOUT playlists on Spotify!

Grip Socks.

There’s nothing worse than getting to a studio and realizing you forgot your grippies. Don’t be a victim of the $16 sock price tag at studios. Keeping a spare pair to avoid this is key!

Shower Accessories.

As we know, not all studios are stocked with the goods. While it’s generally safe to assume that almost all studios with showers have body soap, shampoo + conditioner, the extras are sometimes a dice roll (and not one that we’re willing to take!) We both have ready-to-go cosmetic bags stocked with products that we leave in our gym bags: travel size face wash, a shower cap & face lotion are the key items/bare minimum. We highly rec picking up a full travel set in the Sephora checkout lane … always gets us!


For obvious reasons … and most locker rooms aren’t stocked with the good stuff. Avoid these toxic sprays, and bring your own natural deod!

Dry Shampoo.

Gets a solo category – cause le duh. We ALWAYS carry our travel size NYM Clean Freak dry shampoo (if you follow our stories, you’ve likely seen us using it to style our hair before). It’s a real life saver (and so affordable)! You’d be surprised how many studios *forget* to stock the bathroom with dry shampoo (yet still have hair spray … Something we’ll never understand…)

Hair Ties.

One of the worst pre-workout items to forget. While some studios provide them at check in/bathrooms, we’ve found the ones they offer to be more suited for newspapers than hair. We are big fans of these scrunchies in particular, they won’t leave creases in your hair and look so chic!


We know it’s 2019, but there are still a surprising amount of BYOL studios out there. We hereby sign a (non-existent) petition that all studios make the switch to digi locks by end of the year! But seriously, it’s way better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your belongings.

Reusable Water Bottle.

We always keep a reusable bottle in our bag – it’s economically and environmentally friendly! Plastic is not cute and there are so many chic reusable options nowadays. Also, it may not seem like a big deal to pay $3 for bottled water in-studio, but this seriously adds up!

Body Wipes.

One of those things you can NEVER go wrong stashing your bag with. Our top rec is Ducalm wipes – they’re perfect for a shower-less studio or if you’re just in a pinch. They recently came out with something very SATC: a Back To Basics Gym Bag Kit! A chic puffy zippered pouch that contains: 2 wipes, Multitastic Barrier Facial Moisturizing Stick + a Multitastic Balm Moisturizing Stick, so you can gently cleanse and replenish your skin post-workout with clean, and super effective ingredients… yas!


Good for pre & post-workout because unfortunately, not every studio has mints or gum … always good to have some on hand just in case.


We will never be without an emergency bar, a piece of fruit, some nuts … literally anything will help in a low blood sugar moment. Remember that blood sugar is one of the few things that IS black and white, you gotta make sure it doesn’t drop!

And that’s our list of necessities when it comes to the gym bag! We obviously add in studio-specific items on an as-needed basis, but this base of belongings gets us pretty far. We hope you head to your next class a little more prepared! One more pro-tip: Just leave these essentials in your gym bag so it doesn’t even have to be a thought when you’re on your way out the door. Low prep time is also likely to get you to the gym/studio more often!

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