Overthrow Class @ Overthrow Boxing Club

Class + Studio: Overthrow Class @ Overthrow Boxing Club

Location: NYC (NoHo, Williamsburg)

Length: 45 mins

Description: Starts with a quick body weight warm up (think high knees, squats, etc.) followed by lots of bag work, shadowboxing and partner work. Cardio intervals throughout. Ends with a core series.

Sweat Level: 9/10 – Hair washing situation, fo sho!

Tone Level: 8/10 – You will definitely be sore the next day.

Cult Level: 4/10 – Not very culty at all. “Ring Work” has more advanced/regulars.

Sneakers/Props: Water + wraps, gloves are free (but bring your own gloves if you can, they smell really bad here).

Shower/Locker Situation: Cubbies in the workout room (no digi locks), & there are showers but the situation is minimal.

Vibe: Grunge vibes, definitely tons of inspo from “Fight Club”. Although it’s on the “rougher” side, it is a new studio made to look this way. Very dark, not a place for pampering. People are very nice though!

Similar to: Everybody Fights, Gotham Gym

Extras: On ClassPass (off-peak time is lower credit). Great place to bring your BF or if you just wanna feel like a bad-ass.

Go Back? It used to be THE boxing spot, but now with Rumble, etc. we don’t really go.

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