Sculpt Full Body @ BodyRok

Class + Studio: Sculpt Full Body @ BodyRok

Location: NYC (Flatiron & Soho), Montana (Billings), Illinois (Chicago), California (Berkeley, Cow Hollow – Marina, Del Mar, Encinitas, Fidi, Haight, Mission, Oakland, Petaluma, Polk, San Mateo), Online on Jetsweat

Length: 40 mins

Description: Pilates-inspired workout on a special reformer machine, that replicates the intensity and style of a megaformer class with fast paced moves using quick transitions. Typically begins by working on the core, followed by a series targeting one side of body (lunges, mermaid, etc.), then the other side, finishing with more core + a quick stretch.

Sweat Level: 6.5/10 – Not an intense sweat (room is kept very cold), but expect to glisten.

Tone Level: 8/10 – Super toning, even in just 40 minutes. 

Cult Level: 5/10 – Very few noticeable cult vibes.

Sneakers/Props: Barefoot or grip socks.

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers at this studio, lots of space to get ready and digi locks.

Vibe: Not totally barebones, but not quite as stimulating as Solidcore. There’s a bit of a light show! The vibe heavily depends on the instructor, in NYC we love Zach B.

Similar to: Flex Studios, Solidcore

Extras: On ClassPass – one of the only pilates-style workouts of this intensity that’s on there. And, quite often you can find it for under 10 creds.

Go Back? Yes – we go often! Great for when you’re in a time crunch.

Covid-19 Safety Measures (FOR OPEN STUDIOS):

General Safety Measures: Temperatures taken on arrival. Studio is operating like a gym – where the workout is written out on the mirror, and you have the option to be guided through it with the instructor. Wipes given before and after workout for machine used. No hands on adjustments.
Mask Requirements: Must wear at all times.
Capacity: Reformers were spaced out, but all available for occupancy.
Restrictions: Bathrooms for emergency use only.

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