SCULPT Full Body @ BodyRok

Class + Studio: SCULPT Full Body @ BodyRok

Location: Flatiron, Union Square (NYC)

Other Cities: Chicago, Billings (Montana), & lots of California locs.

Length: 40 mins

Description: Not quite reformer pilates, yet also not a megaformer workout. It’s a fast-paced pilates class that’s meant to burn out your muscles. It pretty much has the intensity of a megaformer class.

Sweat Level: 7/10 – If class were longer, we would probably need to shower. However, because it’s only 40 minutes you can get away with some dry shampoo.

Tone Level: 8.5/10 – Very toning considering the length of class! You can get a great workout here in just 40 mins.

Cult Level: 6/10 – Less culty than many pilates + megaformer studios.

Sneakers/Props: Grip Socks + water (can also go barefoot)

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers, no lockers (cubbies instead), and a small refresh station. Limited for getting ready.

Vibe: Great music and great light show during class. Zack is one of our fav instructors!

Similar to: Flex Pilates (pretty much the same machine, but a little more intense), SLT

Extras: It’s on CP, and only $20 for your first class (or they offer an intro package that’s 5 for $79).

Go Back? Yes – a great option for an express class!

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