Sculpt – Total Body @ Sculpt With Sandra

Class + Studio: Sculpt – Total Body @ Sculpt With Sandra

Location: NYC, Virtual

Length: 45 minutes.

Description: Sandra is a sculpt-based instructor whose workouts are low-impact, but pack a serious burn. Class begins with a quick warmup and arms, followed by outer thigh, inner thigh, booty, a serious ab finisher and a deep stretch.

Sweat Level: 6/10 – Even though there minimal cardio, expect to heat up.

Intensity: 7/10 – In terms of technique, the moves are easy to follow and good for all levels. However, the workout itself is intense for low impact. Modifications can be made, however!

Tone Level: 9.5/10 – Straight up toning, it’s seriously glorious.

Cult Level: 0/10 – No cult vibes!!!

Sneakers/Props: Light weights, ankle weights (optional), a mat and resistant bands.

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A
Vibe: Sandra brings an non-intimidating approach to fitness that we absolutely love, and at the same time her workout will kick your butt. She is humble, warm and welcoming. Her workouts are designed to sculpt every(body) and she’s super inclusive.

Similar to: Fly 45 @ Flybarre

Extras: She teaches 5-6 live classes weekly and you can find her schedule here. You can book your first class free using the code SATC. Check her out on instagram: @sandra_tana

Go Back? YES! We can’t wait to do more with her.

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