Silhouette Signature @ Silhouette by Alexis

Class + Studio: Silhouette Signature @ Silhouette by Alexis

Location: NYC, Virtual

Other Cities: N/A

Length: 45 mins.

Description: Alexis’s signature class is a cardio-barre fusion, that consists of low impact, repetitive moves, with bursts of easy-to-follow cardio throughout. It’s a total body workout that’ll leave you feeling both toned and sweaty.

Sweat Level: 6/10 – Prepare to sweat!

Intensity Level: 6/10 – This workout is great for all levels. The moves are not advanced in a way that would scare away newcomers. While it’s definitely a results-driven class, there’s nothing to be afraid of here.

Tone Level: 8/10 – Perfect combination of tone, stretch and cardio – a little bit of everything.

Cult Level: 7/10 – While we took a private class, her method is mostly virtual (right now), and Silhouette By Alexis has a strong following that swear by her!

Sneakers/Props: Barefoot! Each workout requires different equipment, but her most used props are light weights, ankle weights, bands, a mat (and perhaps a chair!)

Shower/Locker Situation: N/A

Vibe: An upbeat, more pumped up version of classic barre … for the barre lover who wants to take things up a notch. Class will fly by, trust us, we were  shocked.

Similar to: Barre N’ Beats with Daigi-Ann Thompson, SBT @ Physique 57

Extras: 40% off your SBA membership with code SWEATS40. Catch her live classes on Tuesdays + Thursday’s with Energi, or join her platform for more.

Go Back? Yes, we would love to do another session with her. This is so our kind of workout.

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