Pilates Reformer Tous niveaux @ Snake & Twist Pilates

Class + Studio: Pilates Reformer Tous niveaux (Pilates Reformer All Levels) @ Snake & Twist Pilates

Location: Paris

Other Cities: Nope!

Length: 55 mins.

Description: Classical Pilates done on a reformer using props such as a ball and pilates ring. Full body workout that’s low repetition and all about lengthening the muscles with proper form and posture.

Sweat Level: 2/10 – Low sweating situation.

Tone Level: 4/10 – If you work hard to engage your muscles, they will definitely activate. But you can’t rely on the moves alone, you have to put in the work … engage your core!

Cult Level: 3/10 – No cult vibes going on here.

Sneakers/Props: Bring socks. They also have socks available for lending.

Shower/Locker Situation: One shower, lockers, products & hair dryers.

Vibe: Zen bohemian vibes. There’s a little cafe and cute athleisure for sale. Very homey in here!

Similar to: Uptown Pilates, Ave A Pilates, Plank Fitness

Extras: Only their yoga/hot yoga is on ClassPass! Pilates is pricey, you can also book privates/small group sessions.

Go Back? Wouldn’t rush back for their reformer class, would possibly try their hot power yoga class.

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