T101 + Total Body @ ToneHouse

Class + studio: T101 + Total Body @ ToneHouse

Location: Nomad, UES (NYC)

Other cities: Nope!

Length: 60 mins

Description: Extreme, athlete-based group fitness. “Train like an athlete” is the motto here. The class is comprised of mostly drills + exercises done as a group. It’s competitive here, but you also do a lot of work as a team. T101 is the intro level class, but it’s still incredibly tough!

Sweat level: 9/10 – The room is kept cold, but will sweat a ton … it’s all genuine sweat.

Tone level: 11/10 – You will never get toning like this: people get seriously cut, but not bulky because it’s mostly body weight + cardio workouts. Not cross fit-esque, though!

Cult level: 8/10 – Regulars are super loyal to this place because there is honestly no harder workout. However, the place is highly welcoming … they LOVE newcomers.

Sneakers/props: Sneakers. Oh, and leave your ego at home LOL

Shower/locker situation: On point. Lots of showers, lockers, space, products + even an ice bath!

Vibe: Very “team” oriented. High school sports team vibes. They’re inclusive & class begins/ends with a group huddle. Lots of cheering you on, and you will need it

Similar to: Nothing compares to this

Extras: Friday’s (Conditioning days) are hardest. Core days are the most “manageable” option.

Go back? Went 3 times. Last time blacked out …. unsure if we’ll ever return.

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