M3 Fusion @ Studio Lagree

Class + studio: M3 Fusion @ Studio Lagree

Location: Forest Hill, King St., Vaughan, Queen East (Toronto)

Other cities: London (UK), several throughout Germany, and many in Chicago!

Length: 50 mis

Description: Full body workout using the Lagree Method on a megaformer. Seamless transitions from one move to the next, so you are truly put to work for the duration of class.

Sweat level: 8/10 – You will absolutely work up a sweat, even though the room is kept quite cool.

Tone level: 8.5/10 – Very challenging, but not the most challenging megaformer class we’ve tried. SLT and Solidcore are more challenging, in our opinion. Many modifications are offered!

Cult level: 8/10 – Very culty, but definitely a lot of ClassPassers as well

Sneakers/props: Must wear grip socks! Bring water.

Shower/locker situation: No showers, hardly a refresh station, but many lockers! Bring your own lock.

Vibe: No frills, people are here to work. We definitely felt a community vibe at the Forest Hill location. If you’re from Toronto, you’ll always see someone you know.

Similar to: SLT, Solidcore, Lagree Fitness, Carrie’s Pilates Plus

Extras: It’s on CP! Usually have no issues getting into class. Jeffrey is the hardest!

Go back? Yes – always hit this class up when I go to Toronto! Love that it’s a surprisingly low credit option

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