Akin’s Class @ SoulCycle

Class + studio: Akin’s Class @ SoulCycle

Location: He currently teaches at 19th St, NoHo

Other cities: He rarely travels, but has taught at Souls in other cities before

Length: 45 mins

Description: Akin’s class is Soul on steroids. It’s more of a boot camp-style spin class than anything + he is SUPER adamant about getting your legs strong and fast before doing any upper bod moves. His choreo is HARD + fast. He has signature moves.

Sweat level: 10/10 – The floor is legit slippery when you leave

Tone level: 9/10 – Definitely more cardio than toning, but absolutely the hardest soul we’ve been to

Cult level: 11/10 – CULTY as they come. People treat him like a god & he has many groupies … aka “Akin’s Army”. Many go to multiple of his classes a day. Have to part of the cult for a min. of 1-2 years to ride front row!

Sneakers/props: Clothes to SWEAT in, spin shoes (or rent there) + make SURE you have water

Shower/locker situation: Lockers, showers, the works. The locker rooms get super crowded and there is generally a shower line.

Vibe: Intense. “Akin’s Army” presence is REAL + you will prob feel like an outcast if you’re not part of it. Most of these riders are friends because they see each other daily.

Similar to: SoulActivate but harder.

Extras: MUST book 1 wk in advance at 12:00 on THE DOT. Fills up within seconds (including the back row), most people are super-Soul’d, so they’re able to book before it even opens to the ‘public’. Good luck lol.

Go back? Used to – but not anymore. I’d sit in back + sweat like crazy. He’s an incred instructor but i was not prepared to make this class my life.

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