Signature Fhix @ Fhitting Room

Class + studio: Signature Fhix @ Fhitting Room

Location: Flatiron, UES, UWS (NYC)

Other cities: Only NYC

Length: 50 mins

Description: Total body strength training + cardio. Starts with a dynamic warmup, then tables + circuits in groups at different stations. Ends with 6 min “FHIX” = body weight circuits (i.e. burpees, bicycles, etc.) at your own pace.

Sweat level: 8/10 – Room is kept cool, so this is a genuine sweat!

Tone level: 8/10 – This spot is incredibly form focused, so they make sure you feel it and are doing every move properly, which we like

Cult level: 7/10 – You can definitely spot the regulars here, but you’ll find lots of beginners as well.

Sneakers/props: Sneakers + water

Shower/locker situation: Unisex locker room w/ individual showers + bathrooms (bit odd, but hey it’s NYC!) Expect long lines for shower during peak times.

Vibe: Music is great + instructors are always very nice. All levels are welcome here. Also a very gorg studio!

Extras: Super high credit cost on CP for peak times (UWS + UES are generally lower). We love that there are 2 instructors per class, they are very attentive!

Go back? Yes – we enjoy this workout, but high creds deter us from going often when other great studios cost less. We used to come regularly on old CP system!

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