Sculpt + Cardio Sculpt @ ModelFit

Class + studio: Sculpt + Cardio Sculpt @ ModelFit

Location: Bowery (NYC)

Other cities: LA (& streaming option too!)

Length: 60 mins

Description: The sculpt class consists of very small isolated moves + hip openers, while their cardio version has added “dance inspired” cardio moves. Both use unique props, and are awesome!

Sweat level: Sculpt – 3/10. Cardio Sculpt – 7.5/10.

Tone level: 7/10

Cult level: 7/10 – There are def a lot of regulars, but always a good mix of newcomers, too.

Sneakers/props: Sneakers. Love how they have cups for water at the front if you forget!

Shower/locker situation: Showers + lots of space, products and hair tools to get ready

Vibe: Very friendly. Don’t be intimidated by the name, the class isn’t filled with only models!

Similar to: JG Justin Gelband, Pvolve Studio

Extras: On ClassPass! The more you go and learn the moves, the harder this class becomes.

Go back? Yes! It’s a regular spot for us.

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