Pure Empower @ PureBarre

Class + studio: Pure Empower @ PureBarre

Location: All over NYC

Other cities: PureBarre is a franchise all over the country … you can find it in MANY cities!

Length: 45 mins

Description: A more amped up “cardio” barre class that incorporates wrist + ankle weights.

Sweat level: 6.5/10 (meant to be a sweatier barre)

Tone level: 7/10

Cult level: 8/10 – We’ve found there are tons of regulars here … PB crews are a thing!

Sneakers/props: Barre socks

Shower/locker situation: No showers. Usually they have wipes, dry shampoo, etc. but PB is pretty bare bones.

Vibe: Front desk can be a little cold here, but it really depends on the studio since it’s franchised.

Extras: On CP. Don’t let your studio credits expire because you will have to pay to extend. Also must wear a shirt! We’re still confused by this rule, but it’s a thing.

Go back? Their reform class is our all time favorite, but you’ll find us in Empower from time to time.

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