SLT All-Levels @ SLT

Class + Studio: SLT All-Levels @ SLT

Location: Nationwide!

Length: 50 mins

Description: Intense full body workout on the megaformer. Lots of different moves at a very quick pace (super short transitions, you’ll learn the next while you’re still in a move). Resistance is adjusted throughout class, incorporating various props attached to the machine.

Sweat Level: 7.5/10 – You’ill work up a sweat here (especially at end, things really heat up).

Tone Level: 9.5/10 – A seriously challenging workout (definitely depends on the teacher though, we find it can range from a 8-9.5/10). You will feel this the next day!

Cult Level: 9/10 Cult vibes are very present here … you’ll feel it as much as your final teaser on the megaformer.

Sneakers/Props: Must wear grip socks!

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers, no lockers! There is free gum and some products to refresh with, though.

Vibe: There is definitely a pretentious vibe at this studio. We’ve felt it pretty consistently from the front desk staff as well as the class attendees. However, the teachers are almost always very nice and welcoming.

Similar to: Solidcore, Lagree, Carrie’s Pilates Plus

Extras: Not on ClassPass. Come early if it’s your first time! They have first timer specials, but these vary by studio. Private sessions available at SLT/x in Flatiron (NYC).

Go Back? Yes, it’s a great workout when you’re looking for intense toning.

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