Fat Burn @ Barre Belle

Class + Studio: Fat Burn @ Barre Belle

Location: Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary)

Length: 60 mins (there are also 50 min offerings)

Description: Barre meets cardio in this class. Plyometric movements using props such as a ball, light weights and a ballet barre, in combination with cardio movements. Lots of repetitive, isolated movements. Finishes with core.

Sweat Level: 5/10 – The room is kept quite cool, but warmed up quickly from movement. Not a hair washing class.

Tone Level: 7/10 – Full body toning, especially for the arms. Doable, though!

Cult Level: 5/10 – Tons of regulars here, but some of the friendliest staff we’ve ever experienced.

Sneakers/Props:  Must wear grip socks!

Shower/Locker Situation: Fully stocked amenities – showers, lockers and products.

Vibe: Incredible vibes. Very cute and clean, one of the nicest in Toronto. Can tell it’s a bit of a scene here, very likely you’ll run into people you know!

Similar to: Barre3, Pop Physique, FlyBarre, BarreWorks

Extras: On ClassPass and has a great first timers deal: 2 week unlimited for $55.

Go Back? Absolutely. Best barre studio in Toronto!

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