WeFlowHard @ Y7 Yoga

Class + studio: WeFlowHard @ Y7 Yoga

Location: Meatpacking + many locations in Manhattahn/BK (NYC)

Other cities: LA

Length: 60 mins

Description: Candlelit vinyasa yoga to the beat of your not-so-typical-yoga music. They have dedicated “hip hop” classes.

Sweat level: 10/10 – Definitely want to shower after this one – the room is hot.

Tone level: 5/10 – You will absolutely feel this in your arms the next day. If you engage your core it will be substantially harder, but we go here more for the mental aspect.

Cult level: 8/10 – There are newbies, but it definitely has a cult following. Not really a place to make friends … people tend to keep to their own here.

Sneakers/props: Bring your own mat, towel and water (or rent mats for $2 + towels for $3)

Shower/locker situation: Showers at all locations except Flatiron, Meatpacking & UnSq. All locations have refresh stations. Have to reserve showers when you arrive at studio.

Vibe: Vibey + trendy (Drake quotes on stairs) + you will actually want to buy their apparel. Super zen (no mirrors) + insta-friendly (but don’t bring phone inside though)

Similar to: Playlist Yoga

Extras: You’ll flow on your own a lot here, but if you don’t remember the sequence don’t stress … just do your own thing.

Go back? Yes, it’s never become a routine studio for us, but we have been quite a bit!

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