BODY MOVES by Michelle Brugal @ PROJECT by Equinox

Class + Studio: BODY MOVES by Michelle Brugal @ Project by Equinox

Location: Nolita (NYC)

Other Cities: Nope!

Length: 50 mins.

Description: Cardio and sculpt to the beat of the music (and good music, for that matter!). You’ll use props such as light weights & ankle weights. First half is just dance cardio, followed by pure sculpting. 

Sweat Level: 6/10 – Possible to salvage your hair, depending on how much work you put in.

Tone Level: 6/10 – Tones certain areas quite well, but very manageable. 

Cult Level: 4/10 – Low cultiness, the class is quite new and not too hard to get into.

Sneakers/Props: Wear your sneakers!

Shower/Locker Situation: No showers at Project, but there are digi locks + minimal products.

Vibe: We love the feel at Project by Equinox in general. This class didn’t really have it’s own vibe, though.

Similar to: A more low key version of ‘The Sculpt Society’ & ‘Vybe’ at Project.

Extras: Not on CP (but can book through Project website or Mindbody). Michelle teaches her class on Obe as well, if you’re looking to stream.

Go Back? Only been once (several months back) but we’d do it again!

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