FP Classic Barre with Heather Mandell @ Femme Physique

Class + Studio: FP Classic Barre with Heather Mandell @ Femme Physique

Location: Ave + Lawrence, St. Clair West (Toronto)

Other cities: Nope – she’s a one woman show!

Length: 60 mins

Description: Classic barre workout with a TON more reps than we’ve ever experienced. This class will get deep in those hard to reach muscles.

Sweat level: 5/10 – Works up more than the average sweat for barre, but won’t be dripping! She has a cardio barre class that’s more sweaty.

Tone level: 9/10 – Extremely toning! Still doable it will just be super painful.

Cult level: 9/10 – Culty, “if you know, you know.” Strong community vibe. Heather definitely has her loyal crew that comes week after week.

Sneakers/props: Barefoot or grip socks.

Shower/locker situation: Nada!

Vibe: Extremely no frills, this is a one woman show. She usually rents out a room in a dance studio. People come for the workout, not the place.

Similar to: Physique 57

Extras: On ClassPass + Mindbody! Labeled “Toronto’s Hardest Barre Workout” + we truly believe that, probs the hardest barre we’ve EVER tried. Class fills up QUICK. $22/class.

Go back? Yes – best barre in Toronto! However, she teaches very limited times + hard to get into (+ on mat leave rn – wish we could go more!)


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