Signature LIT @ LIT Method

Class + Studio: Signature LIT @ LIT Method

Location: LA (WeHo)

Length: 50 mins

Description: Stands for Low Impact Training: class is a mix of rowing + body weight training (using TRX & resistance bands, too). You have your own station + switch off between the mat and the rower.

Sweat Level: 8.5/10 – You will definitely work up a sweat, this is a hair washing class!

Tone Level: 8/10 – Very toning. We love that the rower mixes sculpting with cardio! They really push you in this class so it’s hard to be lazy.

Cult Level: 5/10 – Loyal peeps, but not culty at all. Staff are SO welcoming!

Sneakers/Props: Sneakers

Shower/Locker Situation: The new studio is FIRE and stocked with products, showers + digi locks! Lots of space.

Vibe: People who come here generally like to work hard, but there is no pretentious vibe. The teachers are among some of the friendliest we’ve experienced.

Similar to: Like Rumble/ Barry’s but with rowers + no weights

Extras: Vert unique concept!

Go Back? Yes – love it, especially for cardio! Great studio to bring your bf/husband/any guy.

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