Rumble Class @ Rumble

Class + studio: Rumble Class @ Rumble

Location: NYC, LA, SF

Length: 50 mins

Description: Boxing + strength training workout. Switch between rounds of boxing on the water bag + rounds of strength training on your own bench (stocked with weights + props). All moves are listed on the screen above.

Sweat level: 9/10 – A hair washing class for sure. It’s also pretty hot in the room!

Tone level: 7/10 – Depends on how hard you push yourself, you’re kind of “on your own” here. Easy to get lazy, but you can also get an amazing workout out of it.

Cult level: 7/10 – Tons of die hard Rumble goers, but also very friendly to newcomers. No need to be intimidated here! It’s a very dark room + there are people of all levels.

Sneakers/props: They charge for wraps + gloves! So you can rent gloves/buy wraps or bring your own.

Shower/locker situation: unreal shower/locker situation. The UES one is the best, they even have an infrared and a DryBar in the studio!

Vibe: We really can’t think of many studios more vibey: the music, aesthetic, etc. makes you feel like you never left the club. Great to go with friends as an activity.

Similar to: Shadowbox, Barry’s (but boxing)

Extras: First class is BOGO! Now offered on ClassPass. It is definitely more of a trendy workout than a “form focused” workout, be prepared that you will not receive as much assistance, if any.

Go back? Yes – we like to go with a group of friends/social type workout! We don’t really come here solo!


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