Rumble Class @ Rumble

Class + studio: Rumble Class @ Rumble

Location: Chelsea, NoHo, UES (NYC)

Other cities: LA, SF

Length: 50 mis

Description: Boxing + strength training workout. You’ll switch off between rounds of boxing on the bag + rounds of strength training on your own bench (stocked with weights + props). All moves are listed on the screen above, making it easier to follow than a lot of boxing classes.

Sweat level: 9/10 – A hair washing class for sure. It’s also pretty hot in the room!

Tone level: 7/10 – Depends on how hard you push yourself, you kind of have to hold yourself accountable in this class.

Cult level: 7/10 – Tons of die hard Rumble goers, but also very friendly to newcomers. No need to be intimidated! It’s a very dark room + there are people of all levels.

Sneakers/props: They charge for wraps + gloves! So you can rent gloves/buy wraps or just bring your own.

Shower/locker situation: Unreal shower/locker situation. The UES one is the best, they even have an infrared sauna and a DryBar in- studio!

Vibe: We really can’t think of many studios that are more vibey: the music, facilities, aesthetic, etc. are all very well done. Great to go with friends!

Similar to: Shadowbox, Barry’s (but boxing)

Extras: First class is BOGO, and it’s not on CP. It is definitely more of a trendy workout than a “form focused” workout, so know that you will not receive much assistance, if any.

Go back? Yes – we like to go with a group of friends, and think of it as a social workout. We don’t really come here solo!

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