Strength + Cardio @ Shock Therapy Fitness

Class + studio: Strength + Cardio @ Shock Therapy Fitness

Location: UES (NYC)

Other cities: Nope

Length: 30 mins

Description: Whole class is done in an EMS Suit. It suit pulses you w electrical vibrations while you do basic exercises at a slow pace (moves are on a screen). Shocks are customizable in intensity!

Sweat level: 9/10 – They spray down the suit, so you’re fully wet before class begins. Highly suggest a shower after!

Tone level: Unknown! Site claims it “condenses 3 hours of traditional strength training/cardio exercise into ½ hr workout.” Unsure if this is fully true…

Cult level: 6/10 – Classes are quite small, and people who go tend to go often.

Sneakers/props: Sneakers. Special clothing to go under suit is $5 rental (or $50 to buy), and free to rent your first time (but not if booked on CP)

Shower/locker situation: No showers. They have lockers and some products.

Vibe: Intimate, as there are only 6 people in class. They have very strict rules. No phones and no bathroom breaks.

Similar to:  Nova Fitness. Different than cryo/shapehouse, etc. but there’s a similar ‘alternative wellness workout’ vibe.

Extras: On CP. If it’s your first time, arrive early.

Go back? Would consider doing it again to give it another try, but it’s not somewhere we’d frequent.

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