Recovery @ Mile High Run Club

Class + Studio: Recovery @ Mile High Run Club

Location: NYC (NoMad)

Other Cities: Nope!

Length: 30 mins.

Description: A personal recovery session in the Recovery Room at Mile High Run Club. You’ll get 30 minutes in the air relax compression machine, where your legs go into special boots that apply pressure to relieve soreness & muscle tension. It’s not a class, so you do do this at your own scheduled time!

Sweat Level: 0/10 – It’s not a workout, no sweating here!

Tone Level: 1/10 – No toning, just relief! Great compliment to a toning workout.

Cult Level: 1/10 – No cultiness, you come in on your own.

Sneakers/Props: Wear whatever – we suggest something comfrotable.

Shower/Locker Situation: There are showers and lockers at Mile High Run Club.
Vibe: Very chill vibe.

Similar to: Air Compression @ ReCover (NYC)

Extras: On ClassPass and usually just 4 credits! #10AndUnder

Go Back? On an as-needed basis!

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