Switch40 Super Circuit @ Switch Playground

Class + Studio: Switch40 Super Circuit @ Switch Playground

Location: NYC (Soho, Union Square)

Other Cities: South Africa!

Length: 40 mins

Description: More condensed version of the original Switch class, with fewer stations and more HIIT/cardio. Switches off between cardio machine and floor work, with back-to-back sprints and recovery sessions.

Sweat Level: 7.5/10 – You’ll break a solid sweat from all the cardio. However, the sweat level does depend on the stations used that day (they change every class!).

Tone Level: 5/10 – More cardio than toning, but you’ll be working a little of everything.

Cult Level: 2/10 – New class, we definitely foresee it becoming more popular/culty!

Sneakers/Props: Sneakers!

Shower/Locker Situation: 6 showers, lots of space, hair dryers and products.

Vibe: Energetic, club-vibes (live DJ + light show). Enthusiasm to the max!

Similar to: Original Switch Playground class.

Extras: Available on ClassPass (pretty low cred). Be open to using different machines, but find comfort in knowing you won’t be at each for long.

Go Back? Yes, great class to go with a friend, especially if you want a shorter workout.

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