We’re back with our third SWEATS STUDIO SHOWDOWN (check out part 1 and 2 if you missed them) – where we compare & contrast studios in similar categories … ending with our sweats verdict! Let’s get to it.


  • Dance-cardio based classes.
  • Both have strength training segments.
  • Both are suitable for beginners.
  • Both studios are incredibly encouraging, non-judgmental and welcoming.
  • Both require sneakers.
  • Both classes work up a SOLID sweat.
  • Easy to follow moves.
  • Dancebody is on ClassPass, 305 is not.
  • 305 has a live DJ playing music, whereas the instructors blast their own playlists at Dancebody.
  • Dancebody Signature is 60 minutes, 305 Cardio is 55 minutes.
  • 305’s toning segment is 5 minutes (at the halfway mark), Dancebody’s is 15 mins of sculpting at the end.
  • 305 dance-moves are more “club” like, Dancebody moves are more refined.
  • 305 switches up the toning portion based on the day (legs, abs, etc.), whereas Dancebody is always the same format & moves are at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Dancebody is in a light and bright room (with the exception of the basement in Tribeca), 305 is dark with strobe lights, meant to feel more like a club.
  • Dancebody has $35 a la carte classes, 305 is $34.

SWEATS VERDICT: For us, Dancebody is more the vibe for our weekly routine. We also prefer the longer sculpt to dance ratio here. 305 gets way more turned up, and we totally appreciate the enthusiasm – it’s just not a regular part of our routines. They’re both amazing classes, but if we were going to choose one to hit up on an average Tuesday morning, we’d go to Dancebody.


  • Fast paced, pilates inspired classes.
  • Similar moves performed on the machine.
  • Both on ClassPass.
  • Quick transitions (describing the next move while you’re still in the prior).
  • Both have limited amenities (no showers).
  • Bodyrok is on a reformer and SLT is on a megaformer.
  • Bodyrok is 40 mins, SLT is 50.
  • SLT is harder due to the fact that it’s 10 minutes longer. Move-wise though, they’re quite similar (depending on instructor of course).
  • SLT requires grip socks, and you can go barefoot for Bodyrok.
  • Bodyrok is $36 per session, SLT is $40.
  • Both have discounted intro offers.

SWEATS VERDICT: This is a tough one because the two are SO similar. While Bodyrok is only 10 minutes shorter, it makes a big difference if you’re in a time crunch, so for that purpose, we’d pick Bodyrok.


  • Fast paced barre classes.
  • Unlimited package options offered.
  • Both on ClassPass.
  • Same class breakdown: both start with a warmup (a little cardio and body weight exercises), followed by arms, thighs, glutes, & a quick stretch, abs, ending with a final stretch.
  • Both use props such as weights, resistance bands and balls.
  • Grip socks required.
  • Showers and locker rooms at all studios.
  • Both offer wide variety of classes.
  • You will feel the burn!
  • Physique 57 rooms are always carpeted, Exhale is on a hardwood floor (with a mat).
  • Physique is slightly faster paced, and while they are both very challenging, P57 is more intense.
  • The instructors at Physique coordinate their moves to the music more.
  • On average, Physique instructors take more time to get to know you and learn your name. Some Exhale instructors do this, but not all of them.

SWEATS VERDICT: This is a close one, but our vote is for Physique 57! There is a little more love and attentiveness put into each class here. Also – the instructors are highly trained and usually very enthusiastic – we appreciate them making an effort to remember everyone’s name.

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