Force 45 @ BIA Force

Class + Studio: Force 45 @ BIA Force

Location: NYC (NoHo)

Length: 45 mins.

Description: Class is a combo of spin, bands & boxing and broken up into 6 rounds, 2 at each of: bike (wear your sneakers, these are strap-in bikes!), bands (followed by some body weight core workouts) & boxing. All of this is followed by a great stretch with a flow stick. There are monitors detailing the moves, so that no minute goes to waste. The transitions are super quick since everything is done in your own personal zone.

Sweat Level: 8/10 – Definitely will be sweaty, however, the room is kept quite cool so it’s all genuine sweat.

Tone Level: 8.5/10 – Solid mix of cardio and tone, this will have you feel a really solid burn and sweat in 45 minutes.

Cult Level: 2/10 – Because it’s brand new, there was very little cult vibes. However, we know there will be a serious loyal following in no time.

Sneakers/Props: Sneakers. Gloves provided, wraps are $8 or bring your own.

Shower/Locker Situation: True 5 star situation: showers, digi lockers, products, hair tools and more. There’s even IR saunas and cryo available (at an extra charge).

Vibe: Definitely a very millennial and welcoming vibe, except it’s not cheesy and try hard at all. The vibe is amazing from the second you step in the door until you leave. Everything is executed so well and so properly thought out down to every detail.

Similar to: Punch House 45 @ Punch Pedal, Rumble Boxing, Grit Boxing

Extras: On ClassPass. Amazing wellness/recovery options (infrared, cryo, etc) these cost extra.

Go Back? 100%. For a high intensity workout, this is one of our favorites and we will definitely be back many times.

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