Here Are Our Top ClassPass Picks

As ClassPass continues to increase prices and decrease classes (or credits – anyone benefitted from this yet?!) it’s more important than ever to pick your classes wisely! As ClassPass OGs, we’ve definitely tried the good, the bad and the ugly. So, we’ve put together our top five picks for you all to check out. Happy sweating!

1.  Physique 57 – Signature

This class is 57 minutes of straight barre burn. It’s one step up from their beginner class, and incorporates a few more advanced segments. Signature is based on targeted muscle sculpting with sections focusing on abs, arms, seat and thighs. You’ll pulse, you’ll shake, and you’ll definitely want to come back. The place is also freaking buzzy! ALL their instructors are great, but we particularly love Chad, Sarah, Sydney, and Torrey.

2. Flywheel Sports – FlyBarre 45

You know when you’re in a workout class and you can physically see the muscle groups you’ve been trying to tone actually working? This happens at Flybarre (particularly in the ab region). There are no nonsense portions in this class, and we really love the 45-minute version when you’re crunched for time – it really is just as effective as the full hour! Sara’s class at E. 60th has become a staple for us.

3.  Everybody Fights – BAGSxBODY

Anyone else notice that boxing classes in NYC are very model-heavy? We feel like this is a good sign, so we’ve been trying to do it more. We love this new Midtown East spot; a very necessary addition to ClassPass. The class will give you an extremely solid, full-body workout, and, we should also note that their amenities are fabulous (the shower situation is among the best we’ve seen!).

4.  Flex Studios – 30/30 Barre + Pilates

This is the perfect mix of barre + Pilates in our opinion. This studio really focuses on lengthening and strengthening your muscles, and doing it the right way. Their classes are also on the smaller side, so you get enough hands on attention where you feel confident in your form. This particular class starts off with 30 minutes of barre, and ends with 30 minutes of Pilates, and trust us when we say it flies by! Although their full Pilates class is not on ClassPass, this 30/30 Barre + Pilates is the only mega-former Pilates you will find in NYC on CP. Try Tim or Lauren’s class, we promise you’ll love them!

5. Barre3

You’ll seriously sweat in this barre class (like, a shocking amount) and we like that it’s an entirely different form of barre (because we too can get sick of doing the same workout!). There are a lot more “dance” type moves, planks and unique balancing positions here that we haven’t seen in other studios. And, it’s highly effective. We REALLY recommend Dino’s class, if you can snag a spot!

6.  Mile High Run Club – Dash 28

This class perfectly combines running and strength training. We like that the running portion is manageable, yet sweaty, and the end of class (where the strength training takes place) leaves you feeling like you really worked yourself out. Go to Hollis’s class here to incorporate a solid cardio sweat!

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