The Best Studios to Bring Your Guy

If your man is into pilates or barre, then more power to you! (and serious respect to him) but the reality is that most men aren’t as into boutique fitness as women. However, as fitness is continues to evolve, we’ve found there are an increasing number of studios popping up which cater to both sexes, and the “girls only” mentality is quickly becoming a thing of the past. To prove this, we’ve boyfriend tested (and approved) 6 spots we think you should take your guy ASAP.


Men love Rumble. Is it the abundance of IMG models? Maybe. The music and lights that make them feel like they just scored the best table at The Blonde? Possibly. Throw in the fact that they’re able to freely punch things, and they’re basically solid. Additionally, there are solid strength training segments that are all outlined on the overhead screens (sports bar vibes, anyone?). The instructors are hands-off for the most part, which allows for an independent, go-at-your-own-pace workout, something which won’t cause guys to wish they were doing their “own thing” at the gym.

Tone House

Easily the most challenging class out there. Any guy who belittles boutique fitness will have a rude awakening at ToneHouse. It’s the ultimate “athletes workout” and an incredible challenge. Honestly just surviving your first class is fully boast-worthy. Take. Him. Here. (just don’t come to us for a refund if you walk out mid-warmup).

Switch Playground

This entire workout is done in pairs (except for the yoga intro), so it’s an ideal setup for a workout date. With over 20 stations and only 2 minutes spent at each, it’s hard to get workout ADHD here. Our theory is that anything can be done for 2 minutes, so even if you hate the Russian twists or the stairmaster portion, you’re onto the next before you even know it.


Guys are competitive in nature. so when it comes to spinning it’s no shock that they prefer to keep score. Although many men love SoulCycle, some struggle with its choreographic nature. Peleton is different in that the “dancing” component is limited, and it’s very metric based. Not only are you competing with the entire class (+ anyone streaming live at home), but you’re also competing with your personal best. May the best man/woman win!

Orange Theory Fitness

Again, the ability to keep score. It’s similar to Barry’s with treadmill and floor components, but your heart and performance is monitored and ranked at the end.

Overthrow Underground

The underground, grungy vibe of this studio makes guys feel like they are in the middle of a scene from Fight Club. It’s sweaty, and purposefully rough around the edges. Warning: bring your own gloves.

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